Pai, Mae Hong Son


Pai is an attraction where tourists can find interesting activities both day and night. During the day visit Phra Thad Mae Yen temple, soak in mineral water from Tha Pai natural hot spring and see the historical bridge, which is not far from the hot spring. If you enjoy taking photos, you can walk to coffee in love, eat delicious pork shank at the Chinese Yoon Nan village, you can ride an elephant or at sit at your leisure and see Pai canal on a bamboo raft. A highlight of the evenings that tourists never miss is going to Pai walking street. Here, crowded with tourists browse the souvenirs including original works of art from top grade artists gathering in this small town. The night atmosphere of Pai is cool. Walking street is decorated with hanging lamps to add color to the dark sky. The traders here are cheerful and friendly to tourists. There are various products sold all along the two sides of this street such as clothes, accessories and chic designed postcards. The side shops are also decorated nicely so that some people cannot help taking photos of these buildings as a keepsake. On Pai walking street, gather various types of art and culture together. There is local music such as fiddles and a show of teenagers presenting the Fon Nok sword dance from the Shan ethnic group. There are also shows from the hill tribes dancing to their own songs.

This would not be Thailand without a delicious array of food and Pai does not disappoint. There are many tasty foods such as Ka Nom Jin Nang Yong. If it is cool, there is also hot Kao Pook Nga from the oven that is different taste from others. There is refreshing herbal juice in a bamboo flask, you can walk while drinking. Pai although a small town has such a lot to offer and an evening stroll at the walking street offers fun, relaxation and a host of interesting products to tempt the visitor.

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